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  • What kiosk means?

    The wholesale self-service kiosk is based on the system design concept of ''24-hour self-service'', which can alleviate the problem of excessive flow of people in traditional business halls, make up for the lack of original business hours, and avoid the troubles of customers doing business in the business hall, making customers feel Easy, convenient and considerate service.

  • Where are self-service terminals used?

    There are many application scenarios of self-service terminals, self ordering kiosk is used in hotels, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, colleges, supermarkets, leisure and entertainment places, government affairs, public security, real estate, service halls, group companies, exhibition stands, elevator entrances, tracks Transportation and other fields.

  • How do kiosks work?

    The self-service Kiosk forms an interactive environment through multimedia databases such as videos, pictures, text, and music, which are specially used to store information and provide various information queries, printing, payment, and product sales and other service functions.

  • What are the advantages of kiosks?

    A. Reduce indirect costs

    B. Meet customer needs

    C. Reduce waiting time

    D. Attract more customers