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  • Payment machine kiosk is a kind of intelligent human-computer interaction equipment, which is widely used in banks, hospitals, stations, airports, telecommunications, power and other industries. The kiosk payment machine can provide 24-hour self-service, which is mainly used to relieve the congestion and chaos caused by the large flow of people in the business hall, improve the work efficiency, provide more flexible work time, reduce the anxiety of the staff, and provide a relaxed, efficient and convenient environment for the masses. Self-service terminals, applied in different places, supporting industry software, can achieve different functions, for example, in banks and other financial institutions, users can independently conduct account inquiries, transfers, payment, bill printing and other services. 

  • Benefits of Payment Kiosk Terminal

    More and more businesses like to have bill payment kiosks and teller cash recycler machine today as it has a number of advantages attached to it. Wholesale payment terminal kiosk from professional cash payment kiosk factory allows them to reduce their overhead staff and this directly results in saving in terms of overhead costs. The selected few employees they have can fully concentrate on other needs of the customers and this helps them in improving their customer service. With whoelsale payment kiosks machine, companies get a secured lockable safe to collect cash or cheques. 

  • Benefits for Customers Who Use Payment Kiosk

    With the deployment of China payment kiosk manufacturer, the stores have been able to increase their level of customer satisfaction. Customers can get a 24 x 7 self-service. They no more have to interact with any employee and they are happy to get a personalized bill payment experience. Gone are the days when they had to wait in a long queue to make the payment even for a single item.

Buy from Self Service Payment Kiosk Manufacturer

  • Cash Payment Kiosk

    17inch free standing touch screen kiosk with A4 printer, cash acceptor, pin pad, bank card reader, ID card, fingerprint reader and camera for various self payment.

    Cash Payment Kiosk

  • Cash Recycler Machine

    19inch floor standing touch kiosk with cash recycler, thermal printer, A4 printer, bank card reader, pin pad, and barcode scanner, which is mainly for hospital applications.

    Cash Recycler Machine

  • Bill Payment Kiosk

    Customized dual screen bill payment kiosk with optional parts for optional functions.

    Bill Payment Kiosk

Wholesale Self Payment Kiosk Machine Specifications





Advantech / Gigabyte / Ausa / Others


Atom, Intel G2030, Intel I3 / I5 / I7


2GB / 4GB / 8GB


500GB; 60GB / 125GB / 256GB

Power Supply

110V~240V / 50HZ~60HZ


RS-232, USB, COM

Touch Screen

Screen Size

17'' / 19''

Screen Type

SAW, IR, Capacitive




Screen Size

17'' / 19''


1000cd / m2







Cold-Rolled Metal With 1.5mm~2.5mm Thickness


Oil Painting / Powder Coated

Color & Logo


Card Reader

Card Type

Magnetic Card / ID Card / RF Card

Bill Acceptor


MEI / CashCode / JCM / ITL / ICT


600PCS / 1000PCS / 1500PCS / 2200PCS

Thermal Printer


Epson / Custom / Star / Citizen



Width of Paper

60MM / 80MM / 120MM

Barcode Scanner


Honeywell / Motorola


1D / 2D


All Windows / Linux / Android

Advantages of Hongjiali China Payment Kiosk Machine Manufacturer

Advantages of Hongjiali China Payment Kiosk Machine Manufacturer
Customized Functions from Hongjiali Payment Kiosks Manufacturer

This big size kind of touch screen kiosk normally can be worked as an information advertising kiosk, but also touch screen kiosk for other applications, such as payment kiosk, self-printing kiosk, internet kiosk, etc. 

Sleek Kiosk Design from Hongjiali Kiosk Self Payment Manufacturer

The kiosk comes with a 43inch touch screen, cash dispenser, POS, thermal printer, and camera in a humanized sleek design.

Bank Card Payment Kiosk

A bank card payment kiosk is a self-service machine that allows customers to make electronic payments using their debit or credit card. It usually accepts cash and checks as well. These kiosks are commonly found in retail stores, convenience stores, and other public places where quick and convenient payment options are needed.

Touch Screen Payment Kiosks

A touch screen payment kiosk is a self-service machine that allows customers to make electronic payments using their debit or credit card by using a touch screen interface. These kiosks typically offer additional features such as bill payment, check cashing, and money transfer services. They are commonly found in retail stores, banks, and other public places where quick and convenient payment options are needed.

Parking Payment Kiosks

Parking payment kiosks are self-service machines that allow drivers to pay for parking using cash, coins, or credit/debit cards. They usually display the parking fees, accept the payment, and issue a receipt or a ticket to display on the car dashboard. These kiosks are commonly found in parking lots, garages, and on-street parking locations.

Optional Screen Size from Touch Screen Payment Kiosk Manufacturer
  • 32inch wholesale touch screen payment kiosk

  • 43inch wholesale touch screen payment kiosk

  • 55inch wholesale touch screen payment kiosk

Bulk buy more custom sizes from self service kiosk manufacturer

New Cash Payment Method from Automated Payment Kiosk Machines

Professional Engineer Team and Full Completed Kiosk Production Line

Many years' kiosk industry design experience for the engineer team members and full completed production line including laser cutting machine, bending machine, powder coating workshop, assembling workshop, etc.

Fast Production Process&Delivery Time

Once any special urgent order,can be arranged design&production process very faster.

OEM & ODM Good Service for Self Payment Ordering Kiosk

According to the clients' requirements, we can cooperate with clients in different working ways.

New Cash Payment Method from Automated Payment Kiosk Machines
New Cash Payment Method from Automated Payment Kiosk Machines
FAQs about Hongjiali Payment Kiosk

FAQs about Hongjiali Payment Kiosk

  • What do you like the kiosk do for you?

    Over 7 billion people living in the earth. People need convenient and efficient life to save time do other things. Kiosk can help people save time and money. 

  • Do you need cash pay with the kiosk?

    Yes, we do need cash pay with the kiosk. We can pay cash with the kiosk for gas bill, electronic bill, insurance bill, credit card bill, ect. Everywhere need it.

  • What a kiosk can do?

    The emergence of self-service terminals not only changes the city, but also changes our traditional way of life, so that enterprises can reduce the burden of staff, improve the efficiency, but also greatly save the labor cost, make the service more standardized, effectively save users' waiting time for business, convenient and fast.