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Self service kiosks have become a popular, convenient and fast bill payment method in our lives in recent years. It could be a point of sale (PoS) self-service touch screen kiosks check-out, like those used in supermarkets, an information point in a tourist attraction, or self service check in kiosks at airports that allow people to check in without joining a counter queue. In Hongjiali china self service kiosk manufacturer, we also manufacture post office self service kiosks and hotel self service kiosks. The self-service kiosk meaning will be different for everyone, depending on your specific planned application, we have self-service printing kiosk and ticket vending machine for sale.  Sometimes, it is known as an interactive kiosk, a self service kiosk is essentially made up of a screen device at a fixed point, but unlike a standard tablet kiosk. The self-service kiosk definition is a small, self-standing structure, used to display information or facilitate an action.  For more types of interactive kiosk, inquiry kiosk machine manufacturer.

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  • Ticket Vending Machine

    Self-service ticket machine system controlled by microcomputer, powerful, flexible, high stability, barcode scanner/activation, the induction card identification, print bills, bank card and identifica...

    Ticket Vending Machine

  • Printing Kiosk

    Self-service printing machine is the product of the ''Internet'' + era, the use of high-tech technical means to achieve convenient operation of printing. In order to meet the needs of ...

    Printing Kiosk

Types Of Self Service Kiosks

Types Of Self Service Kiosks
Shopping malls

Hongjiali manufacturer custom self services kiosks according to different solutions, in which, wholesale digital kiosk signage is widely used in Shopping malls, retail stores, grocery stores, and even the street,

Metro stations
Subway stations

Our wholesale self service kiosks machines can also be applied in Automated Self Check-in for Transportation & Tourism, such as airline self check in kiosk and financial service kiosks


In addition to the above solution, our oem & odm self service terminals also cover hospital kiosks, such as self registration kiosk hospital and tablet kiosks for hospitals.

Tourist places

Custom Self Service Kiosks from China Manufacturer

Payment self service kiosks

Payment kiosk machine is very convenient for people to self service pay.

Information self service kiosks

Information kiosks greatly facilitate people's self-help inquiry of information, especially in shopping malls, airports and other places.

Internet self service kiosks

Networked devices can be used more easily by people.

Check-in & check-out self service kiosks

It is usually used in hotels and airports for better self-service and unmanned convenience.

Advertising self service kiosks

You can know the latest and most complete advertisements anytime and anywhere.

Custom Self Service Kiosks from China Manufacturer
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