Shenzhen Hongjiali Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Hongjiali Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • As one of the professional custom kiosk machine manufacturers and kiosk suppliers, HONGJIALI kiosk factory provides kiosk machine for sale with OEM kiosk and ODM kiosk service. Different types of kiosks are based on the system design concept of ''24-hour self-service'', which can alleviate the problem of too many people in traditional business halls. Custom kiosk types include touch screen kiosk machine, interactive screen kiosk and interactive video kiosk.

  • Make up for the lack of the original business hours, touch screen payment kiosks avoid customers dealing with business troubles in the business hall, and make customers feel relaxed, convenient and thoughtful service. Wholesale self-service kiosk is the extension and supplement of business hall services.

  • The convenient and accurate operation of Kiosk machine such as the cash accepting kiosk is the fundamental reason for their rapid development from the banking industry to other fields and has expanded to many industries and fields such as telecommunications, medical care, aviation, and retail. It is believed that the Kiosk machine will be fully popularized in various professional fields in the near future.



From retail stores, banks,fast food restaurants, hotels, businesses and organizations across industries are embracing next-generation, touch-screen interactive kiosks as a way to reach new audiences, connect with existing customers, and find new opportunities. When integrated with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, the latest interactive kiosk machine supplier solutions provide businesses with valuable insights they can use to give customers more-convenient and engaging experiences. Interactive kiosks can help cities, government agencies, and businesses in a range of industries differentiate themselves in their growth and other industries. For kiosk machine manufacturer, By upgrading to interactive digital kiosks, businesses and organizations can also do following:

-Create fun, exciting, safe experiences

-Provide frictionless, contactless, and engaging interactions

-Offer personalized, data-driven recommendations:

-Maximize employee time with customers


-Customer service kiosk touch screen for traditional queue management service in the bank

-All in one touch screen kiosk for self service payment 

-Information searching service in the shopping mall or metro station

-Buying tickets in public transport industries with touchscreen display kiosk

-Paying for water&electricity bills payment with interactive screen kiosk

-Paying for TAX FINE etc with touch screen kiosk display

HJL Featured Kiosk Installation In Airport
Intelligent Kiosk for Airport

What are the functions of an intelligent navigation display system? According to the intelligent kiosk introduction, the smart transportation kiosks can quickly identify passengers' flight information, flight dynamics, scheduled departure time and gate information through information kiosks ''face scanning'', providing passengers with a fast and convenient travel experience. Financial institutions, users can independently conduct account inquiries, transfer, remittance, self-help loss reporting, bill printing and other intelligent kiosk services.

HJL Featured Kiosk Installation In Hospital
Interactive Kiosk Machine For Hospital

Self-service terminals are common in many hospitals, where multi-functional hospital kiosks are placed. The procedures of card issuance, recharge, query, printing and other processes can be completed on the YMCTONG system independently, without repeated queuing or rushing to multiple departments.

Multi-functional self-service terminal with perfect functions, convenient operation and friendly interface, the multi-functional self-service terminal makes the ideal of convenient and effortless medical treatment for the majority of patients become a reality.

HJL Featured Kiosk Installation In Hotel
Interactive Kiosk Machine For Hotel
  • 24 hours of self-service, no duty, round-the-clock self-service;

  • Check-in with hotel kiosk can effectively protect guests' privacy and increase the occupancy of smart hotels;

  • Reduce the waiting time of front desk customers and improve user experience;

  • At the same time can reduce the number of front desk staff, and reduce the hotel's human costs.

Customized Kiosk Machine Benefits

Custom kiosk designs can realize a variety of convenient payment functions including public utility fee payment, mobile phone recharge payment, movie ticket purchase, welfare lottery purchase, performance ticket purchase, train ticket purchase, coupon printing, insurance purchase payment, bank card transfer, credit card repayment, bank card balance inquiry, group purchase, Anxin Mall and so on. The touch screen payment kiosks are beautiful and simple in appearance, all-weather self-service and simple touch operation greatly facilitate the daily payment and electronic payment business of consumers.

Customized Kiosk Machine Benefits
HONGJIALI Kiosk Manufacturing Advantages

HONGJIALI Kiosk Manufacturing Advantages

  • Shenzhen Hongjiali Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the high-tech interactive kiosk manufacturers specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of self-service and interactive kiosk machine terminals, ATMs, payment machines, inquiry machines, advertising machines and other products.

  • Kiosk machine, Payment kiosk, custom self service kiosk, multi-function kiosk, Custom ATM machine.