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Cash recycler kiosk is an automatic cash processing equipment, which integrates the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability and safety, is convenient for assisting tellers to realize the counting, identification, access and storage of cash. The expansion of counter business functions provides a perfect solution for releasing human resources and realizing branch transformation. For more custom payment kiosks from HJL payment kiosk factory.

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Cash Recycler Kiosk

Touch Screen

1 Anti-explosion, Durable

2 Resolution: 4096*4096

3 Deviation of Error: ±< 1.0%

4 Surface Hardness Mohs' Hardness Rating of 7

5 Lifetime: > 50 000 000 Times

6 Single Point

7 Capacitive Touch Screen

TFT-LCD/LED  Monitor

1 Resolution: 1280 x 1024

2 Brightness: 250cd / m2

3 Contrast: 500:1

4 Response Time: 8ms

5 KTC, LG, Samsung LCD Monitor

Embedded Computer

H81 Motherboard / Intel Core I3, I5, I7, 120 / 240SSD, HDD, RAM 4G / 8G, H81 Motherboard


Steel Frame, Including Control Pane, Amplifier, Sounder, RJ45 Interface


Cash Recycler ITL Smart Payout / Coin Acceptor: NRI G13

Printer: Epson 80mm Thermal Printer with Auto / Half Cutter or HP A4 Size Laser Printer

Card Reader: IC / Magnetic / RFID / Chip Card Reader etc. 

Barcode Scanner: 1D / 2D

Wireless WIFI, GPRS, etc. 

Metal Keyboard with Trackball: 64 Bits / 16 Bits Stainless Steel, Waterproof, Encrypted Keyboard  

What is the difference between a cash dispenser and a cash recycler?

Cash dispenser only can dispense cash from the kiosk, this function generally can use in any type of kiosk that need to give cash change. 

From the name meaning, we can tell cash recycler means can accept cash and dispense cash as a recycler system. When people use a kiosk that has a cash recycler function, they not only can give cash change but can use cash to pay the bill. 

What does a cash recycler do?

When a cash recycler uses a kiosk, this kiosk must do payment functions, such as paying the life bills and then can get change from the kiosk itself. People's life gets easy than before. 

Advantages of Cash Recycler Machine


Support "one-to-many"

Support ''one-to-many'' services and reduce human resource requirements.


Reduce pressure & expanse function

Reduce the pressure of the teller on cash storage and realize the expansion of the counter function.


Free tedious transaction process

Free the teller from the tedious transaction process, from a mere transaction operator to a marketer who expands the banking business or payment business.


Provide more transactions

Provide more actionable transactions for open counters and enhance open counter functions. Suitable for a variety of applications.

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