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Bill payment kiosk provides bill payment, cash change, bank card (or all-in-one card) payment, and provides complete payment information, business information and other aspects. Users can freely choose the information they need to inquire about. The user can inquire about the bill of paying information through the kiosk, and provides a high-speed printing function so that the user can obtain the relevant information conveniently and quickly. Users can accept some basic services on the self-service bill payment terminal, avoiding the limitation of waiting in line and commuting time. The system provides the function of printing invoices. For more custom payment kiosks from HJL payment kiosk factory.

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Bill Payment Kiosk

Touch Screen

1 Anti-explosion, Durable

2 Resolution: 4096*4096

3 Deviation of Error: ±< 1.0%

4 Surface Hardness Mohs' Hardness Rating of 7

5 Lifetime: > 50 000 000 times

6 Single Point

7 Capacitive Touch Screen

TFT-LCD/LED  monitor

1 Resolution: 1280x1024

2 Brightness: 250cd / m2

3 Contrast: 500:1

4 Response Time: 8ms

5 KTC, LG, Samsung LCD Monitor

Embedded Computer

H81 Motherboard / Intel Core I3, I5, I7, 120 / 240SSD, HDD, RAM 4G / 8G, H81 Motherboard


Steel Frame, Including Control Pane, Amplifier, Sounder, RJ45 Interface


Bill Validator: MEI, Fujistu, GRG, ITL, etc.

Card Reader: IC / Magnetic / RFID / Chip Card Reader etc.  

Barcode Scanner: 1D / 2D

Wireless WIFI, GPRS, etc

How do you use a payment kiosk?

When you have any requirements to use a kiosk to pay the bill. You may find cash accepting kiosk and cash payment kiosk in the station, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. Then you need to load your information first and then choose the bill you need to pay by cash or bank card. After you pay the bill you may choose to get a receipt. Then the business is done.

Where can you pay your DTE bill at?

When you have a DTE bill, you may need to go to the bank service hall to ask the teller to finish your bill payment. Or you can just use the bill payment kiosk to service yourself, the kiosk must be located at the bank service hall. 


Still not find the kiosk solutions for you projects, Contact HJL kiosk machine manufacturer for more types.

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