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Kiosks of Bill payment for Hospital

Hospital self-service terminals are now common in hospitals. They are equipped with multi-functional self-service terminals, which issue cards, recharge, query, print and other processes. There is no need to wait for nurses to call and repeatedly queue up.

From now on, patients do not need to queue for registration, payment and trouble, wasting too much time. In addition to self-service registration, but also through the self-service machine printing inspection report and payment, bill payment kiosks are very convenient, do not need to run east and west, queuing everywhere, save time.

As a public place where there may be sources of infection and a large number of susceptible people, hospitals are crowded with patients, visitors, patients' families and medical workers, so it is particularly important to prevent nosocomial infection. Hospital self-service terminals can avoid cross infection to a certain extent after certain disinfection treatment.

Hospital self-service terminals for patients, not only can save time, improve work efficiency, save registration, payment, and other reporting trouble, at the same time for the hospital, effectively relieve the flow of people, but also for the registration window to relieve the pressure, improve the efficiency of hospital operation, ensure the efficient and orderly operation of the hospital, improve the image of the hospital. For more custom products from payment kiosk factory.

Hongjiali Kiosk Application For Bill Payment