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Self-service ticket machine system controlled by microcomputer, powerful, flexible, high stability, barcode scanner/activation, the induction card identification, print bills, bank card and identification, password keyboard, such as equipment, touch screen LCD interface can be set up multi-level menu, can display the name of the window and public announcement content, such as flexible printing content can edit, report the real-time statistics, Self service kiosk manufacturer can generate a variety of statistical reports. Divided into civil aviation self-service ticket machines, train ticket self-service machines, and ticket self-service machines.

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Ticket Vending Machine

Touch Screen

1 Anti-explosion, Durable

2 Resolution: 4096*4096

3 Deviation of Error: ±< 1.0%

4 Surface Hardness Mohs' Hardness Rating of 7

5 Lifetime: > 50 000 000 Times

6 Single-point or Multi-touchpoint

7 Capacitive Touch Screen is Popular in the Market, SAW and IR also Support

TFT-LCD Monitor

1 Resolution: 1280 x 1024

2 Brightness: 250cd / m2

3 Contrast: 500:1

4 Response Time: 8ms

5 LG, Samsung, AUO LCD Monitor

Embedded Computer

Intel i5 CPU,120G / 240G SSD, RAM 4G / 8G, H81 Motherboard


Steel Frame, Including Control Pane, Amplifier, Sounder, RJ45 Interface

Printer: Epson 80mm Thermal Printer with Auto / Half Cutter or HP A4 Size Laser Printer

Card Reader: IC / Magnetic / RFID / Chip Card Reader etc. 

Barcode Scanner: 1D / 2D

Wireless WIFI, GPRS, etc. 

How to get a ticket from a ticket vending machine? 

1. First, get ready your ID card for buying tickets.

2. Click on the Internet to get tickets.

3. Then brush the ID card according to the prompt, stick the ID card in the identification area, until the display of reading information is finished, and then take down the ID card.

4. After reading the information, all unpurchased tickets will be displayed. Select the tickets to be collected on the screen and click Print tickets.

5. Take out your ticket at the slot below the automatic ticket collection machine. There are many previous ticket machines, so it is recommended to leave enough time for ticket collection.

6. If you have purchased multiple tickets with this ID card, such as round-trip tickets and connecting tickets, you can check to print multiple train tickets one by one.

How much does a ticket dispenser cost? 

The price of the machine varies according to the size, capacity, model, configuration and brand of the vending machine. So some people will tell you that the vending machine is very expensive, one costs tens of thousands of yuan, and some people will tell you that the price of an intelligent sales container is very cheap, only a few thousand yuan can be. The operation of an intelligent vending machine, and machine equipment is equivalent to a salesperson, a good salesperson not only lets you less trouble but also lets you increase a lot of business, so it is recommended that novices try to choose good quality new equipment, the follow-up will be less trouble.

Choose a machine must not be cheap with respect to the graph or see a price only, had better wait for an element according to his economic actual strength, management deadline and management environment, choose the product that suits. Cheap products, less cost invested in the machine, relatively speaking, the probability of poor quality of the machine will be higher, the machine and equipment often go wrong in the operation process, the cost affects the operation, but also affects the user experience.

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