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With the advancement of science and technology, information kiosk terminals have been continuously upgraded and updated, and their functions are becoming more and more artificial intelligence. Now the number of information kiosk manufacturer producing this piece is also numerous, and the styles are becoming more and more abundant. Customized informational kiosks terminals  can be provided according to needs, and self-service inquiry machines are all over the place. Work-life is an inevitable trend.

The conventional self-service informational kiosk terminals are mainly composed of a touch screen, monitor, computer host processor, audio equipment, power supply equipment, network interface, cabinet, etc. Of course, with the rise in technical level, the current interactive kiosk machine is not only limited to inquiry functions but also support scanning, printing, fingerprint recognition, card swiping functions, etc., which can meet the diverse needs of different places.

All in all, no matter where people go running errands, as long as they encounter a touch inquiry machine in the lobby and touch the screen with a light finger, people can see the information they need in touch screen information kiosk, mall information kiosk and interactive tourism kiosks.

Buy Information Kiosk Terminals

  • Mall Information Kiosk

    The information kiosk integrates computer technology, liquid crystal display, touch screen, audio amplifier, and network transmission.

    Mall Information Kiosk

  • Tourist Information Kiosk

    Freestanding big-size touch screen tourist information kiosk type such as 32inch, 42inch, 55inch, 65inch, etc always allows you to expand your reach without adding working staff or other facilities.

    Tourist Information Kiosk

OEM ODM Outdoor Information Kiosk Design

Our outdoor information kiosks including park information kiosks, zoo information kiosks, museum information kiosks, library information kiosks, employee information kiosks, church information kiosks, central park information kiosk, and airport information kiosks.

HJL is a leading OEM/ODM information kiosk manufacturer and factory based in China, specializing in wholesale production of high-quality information kiosks. With a strong focus on customization and advanced technology, HJL delivers reliable and efficient solutions for various industries.

As a wholesale information kiosk manufacturer, HJL offers a wide range of kiosk options to meet the specific requirements of different clients. They understand that each business has unique needs, and therefore, provide customized solutions that align with their customers' branding, functionality, and design preferences. Whether it's a self-service kiosk for retail, healthcare, transportation, or government agencies with government kiosk services, HJL has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions. HJL takes pride in its advanced manufacturing facilities and skilled workforce. Their information kiosks are built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long-term performance. The company maintains stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to deliver products that meet international standards. Security is a top priority for HJL. Their information kiosks are equipped with robust security features to protect user data and ensure secure transactions. From encryption technologies to biometric authentication, HJL implements cutting-edge security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

In terms of user experience, HJL designs information kiosks with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. They prioritize usability and accessibility, making the kiosks easy to navigate for users of all levels of technical expertise. Additionally, HJL pays attention to the aesthetics of their kiosk designs, creating visually appealing and modern solutions. HJL's information kiosks also offer seamless integration capabilities. They can be integrated with various software systems, databases, and third-party applications, allowing for efficient data exchange and interoperability.

As a wholesale information kiosk manufacturer and factory, HJL has built a reputation for delivering top-notch products, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. Their dedication to customization, security, user experience, and integration capabilities makes them a trusted choice for businesses and organizations seeking reliable and innovative information kiosk solutions.

Information Kiosk Specifications

Touch Screen Information Kiosk Components




Zeroone / Andriod


J1800 / 1900


2GB / 4GB / 8GB


500GB; 60GB / 125GB / 256GB

Power Supply

110V~240V / 50HZ~60HZ


RS-232, USB, COM

Touch Screen

Screen Size

17'' / 19'' / 21.5'' / 32'' / 43'' / 55'' etc. 

Screen Type

Capacitive, IR


4096*4096 Max


Screen Size

17'' / 19'' / 21.5'' / 32'' / 43'' / 55'' etc. 


250-1000cd / m2







Cold-Rolled Metal with 1.5mm~2.5mm Thickness


Oil Painting / Powder Coated

Color & Logo


Card Reader

Card Type

Magnetic Card / ID Card / RF Card

Thermal Printer


Epson / Custom / Star / Citizen



Width of Paper

60MM / 80MM / 120MM

Barcode Scanner


Honeywell / Motorola


1D / 2D


All Windows / Linux / Android

Hongjiali Information Kiosk Machines Manufacturer

Hongjiali Information Kiosk Machines Manufacturer
Professional design engineer
Satisfy the customers' outlook
Satisfy the customers' function particular design requests

Where Are Information Kiosks Used?

24-Hour self-service comprehensive business
Meet the needs of different usage scenarios
Various functions of scanning, printing, camera, card reader, payment, and touch inquiry function
Gradually applied to daily surroundings
Where Are Information Kiosks Used?
Information Kiosk Specifications