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HJL is one of the professional medicine vending machine manufacturers that provides high-quality medical vending machine for sale. It is a multifunctional unattended consultation and medicine sales machine, which is used in public places such as communities, campuses, hospitals, airports, stations and medical institutions, and greatly facilitates people's daily needs. Contact our kiosk machine manufacturer now! For custom otc medicine vending machine, pharmacy medicine vending machine,  vending machine and prescription drug vending machine.

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Product name: Medicine vending machinesTransfer: Two-axis lifting/intelligent car
Specifications: 1700*1015*2010mmWeight: 350kg
Channel: 160-200 channel (dedicated channel)Network: WIFI/4G
Capacity: 600-1000 boxesPayment: Alipay/WeChat
Display: 21.5-inch multi-touchCooling: 4℃-25℃
Optional: High-altitude camera, surveillance camera, social security card, two-dimensional code reader, screen waterproof baffle.


There are four ways to pick up the goods from medicine vending machines: 

  1. Pick-up code (paper or electronic).

  2. Pick-up number.

  3. The medical vending machine selects the goods by itself.

  4. The medical vending machine pays for the goods.

OTC Medication Vending Machine

We manufacture OTC medication vending machine, which is a self-service kiosk that dispenses over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers, cold and flu remedies, and allergy medications. These machines are typically found in pharmacies, supermarkets, and other retail locations, and provide a convenient way for customers to purchase medications without the need for a pharmacist or other healthcare professional. For more custom selections of self service kiosks, please inquiry self service kiosk manufacturer directly.

Prescription Drug Vending Machine

We offer OEM ODM supply of prescription drug vending machines, which are automated kiosks that dispense prescription medications. They are typically found in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, and provide a convenient way for patients to obtain their medications without the need for a pharmacist or long wait times. These machines are designed to increase access to medication while also improving patient convenience and reducing healthcare costs.

Advantages of Medicine Vending Machine


Drug-specific cargo channel of Medicine Vending Machines

The freight lane has strong expandability, and a high space utilization rate and the freight lane has the characteristics of increasing efficiency and reducing cost as a whole.


Intelligent pickup trolley of Medicine Vending Machines

The running speed of the trolley is 1.5m/s, the accuracy of picking goods is guaranteed, multiple pieces can be taken at one time in a large-capacity design, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of the pallet can reach 5kg in each medication vending machine.


Pick-up port of Medicine Vending Machines

Medication vending machine has design of taking goods without bending over conforms to ergonomics, intelligent anti-pinch, and additional prescription retention scanning function.


High-efficiency refrigeration unit of Medicine Vending Machines

Medication vending machine support special storage requirements of drugs, constant temperature and humidity, and controllable temperature of 4C-25℃.


Enrich peripheral expansion of Medicine Vending Machines

Medication vending machine has two-dimensional code reading head, inquiry camera (listening to the brief), social security card module of ID card, and high-altitude camera can meet the user's multi-scene usage requirements.

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