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You can create a virtual visitor's map location anywhere. In HJL China information kiosk factory, Our kiosks can streamline the check-in process—significantly reducing long queue lines at airports, train stations, shopping malls, or some other traveling places. Whether it's the airport, rest stop, convention center, or a local park, our self-service solutions can help you create exciting interactive tools for your visitors to use. This kind of travel & tourist information kiosks enable businesses and organizations to promote events, attractions and offerings by displaying interactive information in time. Travel and tourist information kiosks provide visitors with information on local restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls directly.

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Mall Information Kiosk

Touch Screen

1 Anti-explosion, Durable

2 Resolution: 4096*4096

3 Deviation of Error: ±< 1.0%

4 Surface Hardness Mohs' Hardness Rating of 7

5 Lifetime: > 50 000 000 times

6 Single-point or Multi-touchpoint

7 Capacitive Touch Screen is Popular in the Market, SAW and IR also Support

TFT-LCD Monitor

1 Resolution: 1280 x 1024

2 Brightness: 250cd / m2

3 Contrast: 500:1

4 Response Time: 8ms

5 LG, Samsung, AUO LCD Monitor

Embedded Computer

Intel i5 CPU, 120 / 240G SSD, DDR4G / 8G, H81 Motherboard


Steel Frame, Including Control Pane, Amplifier, Sounder, RJ45 Interface


Printer: Epson 80mm Thermal Printer with Auto / Half Cutter or HP A4 Size Laser Printer

Barcode Scanner: 1D / 2D

Are Tourist Information Kiosks Water-proof?

Whether the tourist information kiosk is waterproof or not, depends on the accurate location that the client places. If the tourist information kiosk is put indoors, then it's not required to be waterproof; but if the kiosk is placed outdoor, then the waterproof character will need to be considered well. The kiosk comes with a protective layer or an outer shell that is both waterproof and dustproof. Then we expect the touch screen information kiosk to withstand weather conditions that come along with extreme weather.

Tips For Maintenance And Repairing A Tourist Information Kiosk

The tourist information kiosks are built to need very little support or maintenance as they only include a steel cabinet, Android motherboard or assembled computer host and a touch monitor. Normally, these parts can work well within 1-2 years after operating properly. When an issue occurs, you will be responsible for addressing it first, we are here to support you. We provide online tech support for the hardware 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Our kiosks come with a one-year warranty that covers any damage or issues that occur. We value our relationship with our customers so, of course, will work with you on any issues that arise and our hardware partners also offer support on any issues that arise with the kiosks. 

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