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Kiosks of Automated Self Check-in for Transportation Tourism

Check-in machine function

1. Face recognition using 3D living detection, recognition second speed through

2. Check-in, check out, renew self-service

3. Second-generation ID card reader (public security has been put on record)

4. Connect with local public security systems and automatically upload check-in information

5. 19 ''/32'' can touch the HD large screen to choose

6. Self-payment of the deposit room fee, support WeChat and Alipay scanning code payment

7. Receipts automatically print, support to print the hotel TWO-DIMENSIONAL code

8, Has been connected with dozens of door locks on the market, supports self-help card writing, circulation card

9. Independently developed Hotel Room Management System (PMS)

10. Support a variety of orders, OTA direct orders, groups, members, on-site orders

11. 7x24 hours of online technical support

12. Support audio and video, picture scrolling playback

Hongjiali Kiosk Application For Automated Self Check-in