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Kiosks of Border Security for Government

With the progress of The Times and the development of government smart kiosk science and technology, after no card withdrawal, no card consumption, convenient government self-service government kiosk and terminal, electronic, paperless process and a step forward.

1.  Government Smart Kiosk is Fully-functional

The government smart kiosk system not only provides the functions of card opening, card replacement and card replacement but also provides all self-handling functions of the self service terminals kiosks, which can replace the traditional single-function self ordering kiosk.

2. Government Smart Kiosk HasHumanized design, easy to use

The size of the equipment fully considered the principle of man-machine, user-friendly operation. For example, people insert cards and cards for the same interface, easy to handle the mass's operation.

Hongjiali Government Smart Kiosk