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Advantages of Self Service Ticket Vending Machine

1. Self-service ticket vending machine can shorten the time of queuing to buy tickets

Installing self-service ticket machines in movie theater lobbies will give moviegoers the option to buy tickets at a self-service ticket machine rather than at a ticket window, using touchscreen-based prompts to guide them through the ordering and payment process and print tickets instantly. Self-service ticket machines also allow customers to book and pay for tickets online and then print them out when they arrive at the cinema, reducing queues for tickets. For more custom self service kiosks, inquiry kiosk machine manufacturer.

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2. Self-service ticket machines make franchise coordination easier

Coordinating food preparation in the franchise is a daunting task for theaters, even with several employees behind the counter at any one critical moment. Things get more complicated when hot dogs, chicken, pizza, and popular items like popcorn, candy, and beverages join the franchise menu. However, self-service wholesale ticket kiosk simplify concession services. With self-service ticket machines, customers can place and receive orders faster than waiting in line at concession stands. 

All movie-goers need to enter their orders on the touch screens of the self service terminal and then go to the concession stand to receive their orders. The faster the order, the faster guests can take away and enjoy it. Using self-service ticket machines to accept orders at concession stands also makes franchise coordination better by eliminating errors that can occur when employees misunderstand or mishear customer instructions (for example, no ice in a drink or no butter in a popcorn). A more streamlined order delivery process due to fewer errors due to self-entry of orders.

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3. Self-service ticket vending machines can reduce labor costs

Labor is one of the larger expenses for hoteliers, and movie theater owners are no exception. Relatively speaking, self-service ticket machines are more affordable, and you can cut your labor expenses by replacing a few employees with one or two self-service ticket machines. This can reduce the number of workers needed for a shift, or allow you to reallocate them to other areas that require more labor.