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All-in-one Touch Inquiry Screen Kiosk Provides Convenient Information Inquiry Service

Due to the short development time of the advertising kiosk industry, many people do not know much about the advertising kiosk product. For the advertising kiosk product, which can realize the function of human-computer interaction, many users are more concerned about the question of how long the advertising kiosk can generally be used. There are more and more advertising kiosk products on the market, and they are becoming more and more popular. As a new high-tech electronic touch product, the all-in-one touch advertising machine is widely used in many places in various industries because of its stylish appearance, simple operation, powerful functions, and strong environmental adaptability. Inquiry from China kiosk machine company-Hongjiali

1. Features of the all-in-one touch screen kiosk

In addition to providing people with various convenient information query services, the all-in-one touch screen kiosk can also display product information and advertising on all in one touch screen kiosk at any time through the information release system, and can change the display content at will in the management background. The touch screen display has good video and picture display functions. As long as the hard disk is large enough, rich information can be displayed on the touch screen, which can save a lot of advertising costs for each user. The application of the all-in-one touch screen kiosk replaces the flyers, billboards, and other tools used by businesses in the past, which not only saves costs but also saves space. Bulk buy from Hongjiali wholesale information kiosk manufacturer

The touch all-in-one machine does not need to use a keyboard and mouse. If you want to check something, you only need to touch it with your fingers to get the answer, which greatly facilitates the operation. Another point, it makes the operation of the computer completely locked on the computer screen, without a keyboard and mouse, safe and reliable, and will not affect the operation of the system because of the user's operation.

2. Application scenarios of the all-in-one touch screen kiosk

a. Technology Exhibition Hall

The science and technology exhibition hall is a better way to display product technology and strength. Science and technology are people-oriented, and the concept of wide-ranging science and technology exhibition halls combines urban science and technology with industrial development. Through the technology exhibition hall, the products are displayed in a centralized manner to gain the trust of customers, so that customers can understand the culture of related technologies. , products, quality, service and other aspects, it can also be used as a place for customers to visit, communicate and negotiate.


b. New Retail/New Display

The all-in-one touch screen kiosk can dynamically display the three-dimensional model of the object, and has a good interactive experience function. The splicing screen is a complete LCD splicing display unit, which can be used as a display alone or can be used as a large screen by splicing LCD. The display machine is controlled by terminal software, network information transmission, and multimedia terminal display, and advertises through pictures, text, video, and other multimedia materials.

Touch screen interactive kiosk not only in the appearance of the design can bring the audience a shocking effect, but also in the operation is also designed according to the needs of users, users can touch the interactive function of the touch screen kiosk, independent operation to select their own interest in the goods, their own choice of reading the information in the order, speed, etc.; even can also complete the information query, coupon printing, non-cash transactions, etc. Touch screen kiosks are easy to use and interact with to a large extent to enhance the shopping experience of consumers, enhance the shopping pleasure of consumers, but also to improve the brand awareness of businesses, and thus increase sales.