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Application of Self-Checkout Machines in Supermarkets

Supermarket self-checkout machine is worth trying as it can save manpower and keep up with the trend. Modern people, especially those who like fashion and freshness, are usually more willing to self-restrain and actively cooperate. As for the phenomenon of dining and dashing, depending on the on-site situation, it may not be completely avoidable. But if we calculate it by probability, combined with the shopping scenario and the quality of mainstream customers, it should be a controllable or very small loss. Therefore, adopting self-checkout methods can save a lot of money for supermarkets in the long run. Choose HJL self checkout machine manufacturer with custom selections.

Composition of supermarket self checkout machine

Self-checkout machines are mainly composed of workstations, front-end computers, scanning settlement machines, and control systems. They are developed based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and computers, supporting functions such as human-computer interaction, computer recognition, multi-payment, and intelligent sensing. They play an important role in improving supermarket service experience and saving manpower, etc.

Currently, many large supermarkets in China have launched self checkout kiosk. In the self-checkout area, there are no cashiers and security monitoring. Customers only need to manually click on the screen to start self-checkout, scan the items one by one for pricing, and the item list and price will be displayed on the screen immediately, which is very intuitive.

If there are duplicate or unwanted items after scanning, they can still be cancelled on the screen, and then end shopping by mobile payment, which is convenient and fast. In addition, self-checkout machines can work continuously for 7-24 hours, which have higher work efficiency and cost-effectiveness than manual labor and provide more space for supermarkets to reduce labor costs.

Application Range of supermarket self checkout machine

The shopping method of self service checkout kiosk will ultimately be widely popularized with the promotion of digital retail services. In this process, self-checkout machines will also realize video monitoring, intelligent anti-loss, and inventory management, etc. Therefore, it must have a high-reliability platform support for its embedded computer with high performance.

In addition, since users of mobile payment methods need to undergo identity authentication, all shoppers are people with identities. People with identities will naturally be more mindful, after all, if they are caught dining and dashing, there is nowhere to run. Furthermore, the surveillance cameras nowadays can be made very high-definition and concealed, and surveillance is expected to exist. Although the surveillance cannot be monitored throughout the process, since there is WeChat authentication and shopping information is also saved in the supermarket's system, which may even be connected to the credit reporting system nationwide. Then customers with high credit usually do not need to be monitored throughout the process, so there is no need for too much additional manpower to monitor these operations.

The widespread popularity of unmanned supermarkets and self-checkout shopping methods is a sign of social and technological progress and trend. Even small convenience stores are using them, indicating that this technology is already very mature. This is the market foundation for the widespread popularity of unmanned self-checkout machines, as physical business revenue reduces and supermarkets need to innovate.