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ATM Machine Withdrawal Operate Process

ATM Machine Process

Before withdrawing money, users should first check whether there are foreign objects in the ATM card slot;

After the card is fully inserted, enter the password according to the transaction process and select the amount to withdraw.

ATM cash withdrawal is very convenient because it is a series of operations that the bank system recognizes and executes. When withdrawing money at an ATM machine, users should pay attention to the surrounding environment and operate in a safe environment. Hongjiali will list some FAQs about custom atm machine.

How to use ATM machine to withdraw money?

1. Insert the UnionPay card

Wait for the ATM card reading information at the ATM card slot.

Insert the bank card into the ATM machine according to the direction indicated by the arrow on the card, with the magnetic stripe of the bank card facing down and one side of the magnetic stripe facing right, and wait for the card information to be connected.

If there are some tips on the screen, please confirm. If there is no confirmation, the confirm key will directly jump to the corresponding position of the screen as prompted in the third step.

Enter the 6-digit bank card password as prompted, and confirm it through the password keypad at the bottom of the screen.

If you enter the wrong password, don’t panic, press the correction on the screen, and then re-enter it. If the screen prompts that the password is incorrectly entered twice in a row, consider whether it is wrong. If the password is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the card will be swallowed.

2. Choose withdrawal service

After the password is entered correctly, you can see options such as query, withdrawal, transfer, and card pick-up on the screen, that is, the buttons on both sides of the screen. Don't worry, read it carefully, and then press the button next to the option. At this time, choose the withdrawal service (if it is a touch screen, use your finger to press the corresponding text, if it is not a touch screen, you need to press the corresponding button).

Choose the withdrawal amount. If it is not the amount prompted by the ATM, you can choose another amount.

There will be digital prompts on the screen, such as 1000 yuan, 500 yuan, 200 yuan, etc. If there is the amount of money you want to withdraw above, you can press the corresponding button. If not, after pressing other amounts, you can freely enter the amount you want to withdraw, and confirm it after entering the amount.

3. Take the cash

Stare at the cash outlet with your eyes, and take the money immediately after the cash is dispensed. If no one withdraws the money for a period of time, the ATM will swallow the money.

4. Exit the bank card

After receiving the money, you can continue to withdraw, query and other operations. If you do not want to continue, you must remember to press the card pick-up button to return the card, and then slowly count the cash to prevent the ATM from automatically swallowing the card within 30 seconds.

Notes on ATM Machine Operation

  • ATM operation should strictly follow the instructions on the computer screen. Do not trust so-called "notices" or "announcements" posted next to ATM, and do not operate according to the requirements of the notice or announcement. If necessary, you can call the bank service hotline for consultation or seek help from the police.

  • Keep the bank card password safe. Don't disclose your password to others under any circumstances, even if the other party claims to be a bank staff. When entering the password, it is best to cover it with hands or body to prevent the password from being stolen.

  • Beware of "helpful people" and do not easily trust strangers. Many criminals pretend to be "kind-hearted people" helping cardholders operate ATMs, while peeking at passwords or randomly pressing the keyboard to create ATM swallowing card illusions, and stealing passwords or bank cards. Usually choose automatic teller machines located in more conspicuous places. When withdrawing cash, check whether there are abnormalities in the card slot and the cash outlet; when entering the password, cover it to prevent others from peeking; after withdrawing cash, keep the corresponding documents properly.

  • Understand the reasons for ATM swallowing cards and do not leave in a hurry. Generally, the ATM normally swallows the card because: the credit card has exceeded the valid period or the account has been frozen; the cardholder has not taken the card back within 30 seconds after operating on the ATM; the password is incorrect more than three times (including three times); operational errors or machine failures may also cause card swallowing. When the ATM normally swallows the card, the machine will spit out the card swallowing voucher, and the screen will also prompt the card swallowing. The cardholder can bring the voucher to the managing bank to collect the card.