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Introduction to Self-Service Printing Kiosk

The Self-service Printing Kiosk System is primarily used to alleviate the problem of overcrowded business halls and increase enterprise management efficiency. The banking, telecommunications, electric power, medical(medical self check in kiosk), aviation, and retail industries are currently the most widely-used industries.

What is the concept behind the self-service printing kiosk system?

The first self-service printing kiosk system was designed primarily with "24-hour self-service" as its standard, such as when there is a large crowd of people and the staff cannot complete all the work, a machine is required to make up for the lack of office hours after work. This avoids clients experiencing business issues in the operation room, and clients can feel relaxed, convenient, and thoughtful service.

The business self-printing terminal system, for example, can print IDs, certificates, receipts, etc. The self-printing kiosk Terminal System can have added-value effects, and other added-value services can be provided through supporting equipment. The self-terminal device has the advantages of saving personnel costs, reducing business costs, running 24 hours a day, and error-free operation. It can be placed in public places such as telecommunications sales offices, toll stations, stations, wharfs, airports, and large-scale shopping malls.

Do you find it challenging to print documents in school? It is reported that there is a high demand for printing in universities, and there are many students, so every time they go to the printing room to print documents, they need to queue and wait. Especially during class intermissions, the bell for class rings before the printing is done. So, many university students are very troubled by the problem of difficult printing. In order to build a digital campus and practice the new model of campus management in modern universities, higher education institutions have begun to introduce self-printing kiosks to solve the problem of difficult printing.

It is reported that the self-service printing kiosk adopts the O2O model, online payment, and offline service completion, to achieve fast printing with wholesale self payment kiosk supplier, which is deeply welcomed by university students.

How can documents be uploaded to the self-printing kiosk for printing?

According to in-depth research, there are two ways to upload documents for printing on the self-service printing kiosk. One is to transfer the printing files from a USB flash drive to the self-printing kiosk through the USB interface, and the other is to print the files by entering the pick-up code.

How does the self-service printing kiosk realize online payment?

Actually, many university students have noticed the QR code scanning area on the self-printing kiosk during its use.

When you have selected the documents to be printed and the number of copies and pages, the self-service printing kiosk will automatically settle the amount. You can choose payment methods such as WeChat or Alipay, and then place the payment code in the QR code scanning area for scanning, to realize online payment. This method is convenient and fast, and the security of funds is also guaranteed.

Hardware requirements for online payment on the self-service printing kiosk

To achieve the online QR code scanning payment mode for Alipay, WeChat, etc., a QR code scanning module needs to be embedded in the self-service printing kiosk to form a QR code scanning area. When the user has finished printing and is making the payment, they only need to show the payment code and place it in the QR code scanning area to achieve online payment.