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Self-Service Machine Functions

With the progress of the times and the development of technology, after non-card withdrawals and non-card payments, the government smart kiosk has taken the electronic and paperless process one step further.

The kiosk machine for convenient government services is designed to meet the needs of people who forget to bring their card, have not applied for a card, or have a damaged card while handling business in the hall. Instead of having to retrieve the card or waiting at crowded windows for card replacements or applications, the use of service halls and kiosk machines greatly relieves the problem of new users' difficulties in queuing. What are the kiosk machine features for convenient government services?

The kiosk machine is fully functional

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The kiosk machine is designed for human convenience and ease of use

The size of the device is fully considered in accordance with human-machine principles, and the operation is user-friendly. For example, card insertion and issuance are carried out at the same interface, which is convenient for users.

The kiosk machine is easy to install

The device is designed to fully consider the situation of lobbies and wall penetration. It can be directly used in the lobby and can be installed when a metal frame is attached to the device to penetrate the wall. The system can choose whether to open the front or back door according to the needs of the hall/branch.

The kiosk machine has high security

Data transmission is encrypted through a DES keyboard, which can effectively prevent illegal data intrusion and interception.

The kiosk machine has good maintainability

The driver program and static data can be downloaded in real time, and the front end is maintenance-free; the display information content can be dynamically added, and the information maintenance in the background is convenient.

The kiosk machine has good scalability

New transactions or transaction processes can be configured, and adding new functions and launching new businesses is easy; it provides software plug-in function, and newly added or upgraded device driver modules can be easily added to the system without the need to recompile.

The kiosk machine has a user-friendly interface

The interface is more intuitive and user-friendly, the voice prompts are fluent and natural, and people can use it more smoothly. The back-end provides a friendly management and maintenance interface, and system maintenance personnel and administrators can easily perform daily maintenance.

The kiosk machine has high running efficiency

Using high-speed and efficient scheduling core, supporting high-throughput concurrent transactions, and providing intelligent scheduling functions for transactions.