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Advantages of Self-Checkout Machines

Nowadays, due to the increasing cost of labor, many supermarkets and retail stores have introduced self-checkout machines to save expenses and allow customers to shop and settle their bills independently. In this way, customers save time waiting in line and improve service efficiency.

However, some people question the necessity of installing self-checkout machines in supermarkets. So let Hongjiali self checkout machine manufacturer explore the advantages of self-checkout machines and how to use them.

Advantages of Self-checkout Machines

Convenient Expansion of Offline Stores

With the proliferation of chain stores, the various factors related to managing multiple stores, such as goods, equipment, and salesperson accounts, need to be appropriately arranged to maintain daily operations. The traditional method of configuration is subjective and requires consideration of many factors.

Now, it is more convenient as self checkout kiosk can create remote branches, devices, accounts, and complete self-checkout in one step on the software.

Simple and Convenient Cashiering

The faster and more convenient the consumption process in offline stores is, the more it can attract customers for secondary shopping. Compared to the traditional offline store cashier system, self-checkout machines have greatly simplified the hardware by integrating barcode recognition and IoT technology. With the built-in barcode scanner, the machine has barcode recognition, collection, and data transmission functions, and can be linked to the backend shopping system and mobile payment system. Customers need only to scan the codes and make payments to complete the checkout.

How to Use Self-checkout Machines?

In the self-service checkout system, customers are usually required to:

  • Scan product barcodes on items that have barcodes.

  • Weigh items without barcodes, (such as fresh agricultural products) and select the varieties on the touchscreen.

  • Put all scanned items in the "bagging area". The weight of the items observed in the bagging area is verified based on the previously stored information to ensure that the correct items are packaged. Customers can proceed only when the observed weight matches the expected weight.

  • Different self service checkout kiosk in retail stores can accept cards, debit/credit cards, electronic food assistance cards through EFTPOS, cash through coin slots, bill scanners, and in-store gift cards (if applicable). Most coupons also have barcodes and can be scanned in the same way as items, although some coupons require staff input.

Usually, a staff member supervises a group of self-checkouts, provides assistance to customers when necessary, and authorizes the sale of age-restricted products such as medicine, alcohol, knives, and tobacco.

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