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Advantages of Touch Screen Kiosk

1. Advantages and features of the touch screen kiosk 

Traditional interactive whiteboard: need to connect different devices such as PC, projector, a variety of cable clutter; ordinary electronic whiteboard to use with the projector, the projected image is not clear, the projector bulb due to extended use of time and darkening, limited service life; projection requires a dark room environment, students see the projected content clearly but can not see the teacher's expression; front projection light harsh, causing harm to the teacher's eyes. The front projection light is harsh, causing damage to the teacher's eyes, and will appear shadows on the screen; students' attention is difficult to focus, and the efficiency of the class needs to be improved.  We have OEM kiosk for you to choose.

Touch screen payment terminal and touch screen information kiosk: high integration, integrated PC, projection system, curtain, display system, audio, multi-touch integrated; high-definition display, clear image, no front projection light harsh problem; not affected by external light sources, simple installation, built-in computer; with HDMI high-definition multimedia interface.

2. Functions of the touch screen kiosk 

(1) TV function: support 1920 * 1080, 32-bit true color full HD display.

(2) Touch function: equipped with the world's most advanced multi-point infrared touch screen, touch without delay, sensitive response, all control completed on the screen surface, any object touch, including finger and pen click touch screen, control all applications, easy to achieve handwritten text, drawing, add notes and other functions, the use of smooth and stable and reliable.

(3) Guide machine function: with a guide, guide function, give and customer guidance, convenient for customers to find the products they need, and with advertising and other additional functions.

(4) Electronic inquiry function: through the operator's input and editing of various electronic files and information, customers can self-inquiry to the information they need, reducing the cost of personnel who ask questions.