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Analysis of Functions and Features of Mobile Payment Terminal Platform

Using a modular, universal, advanced, and practical mobile payment platform, customers can register, apply for payment, revoke payment applications, and query payment records. Meanwhile, merchants can confirm payments, settle payments, and query settlement records as well. The improved mobile payment platform based on the latest technology features high scalability and compatibility, meeting the requirements of fast technological and business development.

The mobile payment terminal platform further expands bank users

By utilizing frequently used mobile terminals as the tool for financial activities, the security, ease of use, convenience, and intelligence enable users to conduct financial activities anytime, anywhere.

On the one hand, the fast promotion and application of Java-enabled mobile terminals have resulted in an increasing number of mobile terminal customers, while on the other hand, the superior characteristics of mobile financial services are easy to accept and use, attracting more mobile payment terminal customers to become loyal bank customers.

The mobile payment terminal platform accelerates bank funds turnover

Using mobile payment terminal removes restrictions on user consumption and shortens the payment process, thereby increasing the speed of bank funds turnover.

The mobile payment terminal platform adds various types of merchants

Due to the convenient, safe, and fast features of this solution, many merchants that are limited by traditional payment methods, such as e-commerce, online stores, and mail-order consumption companies, regularly-consumed merchants such as ticket issuers, post-paid billing merchants (water, electricity, gas, telephone, property management, stay, and dining), merchants with signed consumption agreements (various member-owned merchants, long-term fixed-customer consuming merchants), and small merchants that do not have the ability to construct POS systems or other payment systems can all join this platform, resulting in a win-win situation for all.

The mobile payment terminal platform adapts to future technological development

As mobile communication technology develops rapidly, 3G is getting closer to us, data services are popular, and the cost of Java mobile phones is decreasing. It is expected that in the near future, phones will become more widespread and 80% will be Java-enabled mobile terminals. This solution has a forward-looking approach to explore the future development trends of Java and mobile communication technology, taking the bank's financial business to a new level.

The mobile payment terminal platform enhances the bank's corporate image.

By keeping up with the trend of the times, leading new technologies and new models, providing revolutionary payment methods for users, the bank's corporate image is greatly enhanced, and the bank's core competitiveness is strengthened.

The mobile payment terminal platform changes the consumption pattern.

Through mobile payments, users will enjoy a variety of value-added services, truly experiencing a barrier-free shopping experience across time and space.