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Characteristics and Advantages of Touch Screen Information Kiosk

Characteristics of touch screen information kiosk

Providing convenience for life

The touch screen information kiosk integrates advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology, and other technologies to realize public information inquiry. Equipped with fingerprint reader, scanner, card reader, mini printer, and other peripherals, it can achieve specific needs such as fingerprint attendance, card swiping, and printing.

The touch screen has excellent touch screens such as four or five-line resistive screen, surface acoustic wave screen, infrared screen, and holographic nano touch screen, which can meet the application needs of users in different regions and places.

The touch screen information kiosk is a touch product that bundles touch screens and related software together with external packaging for querying purposes. It truly integrates touch and control, greatly improving people's work efficiency.

Convenient and fast input

The touch screen information kiosk, as an input device, adopts touch screens that are sturdy, durable, fast response, space-saving, and easy to communicate. Users can quickly get the information they want by simply touching the machine screen with their fingers, making human-machine interaction more straightforward.

As a high-tech machine, the touch screen payment terminal has gradually replaced the status of a simple touch screen, allowing users to truly feel the characteristics of free human-computer interaction.

Advantages of touch screen information kiosk

  • Hongjiali touch screen payment kiosk manufacturer technology supports USB interface touch screens and handwriting input function.

  • Resistant touch screen with precise positioning.

  • Touch without drift, automatic correction, and precise operation.

  • Touchable with fingers or soft pens.

  • High-density touch point distribution: more than 10,000 touch points per square inch.

  • High clarity, no glass work. Not demanding on the environment, high sensitivity. Suitable for work in various environments.

  • Equipped with high-performance resistive touch screens with a lifespan of more than one million clicks, no mouse or keyboard is required. You can achieve all computer operations by lightly clicking or swiping the screen with your finger, making the computer easier to use. The greatest innovation of the touch screen digital signage kiosk is that it uses multi-touch technology, completely changing the traditional way of human-computer interaction and making it more intimate and smoother.