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Four Benefits of Hotel Self-service Kiosks

A kiosk system is a digital touchscreen application that allows guests to complete the check-in process themselves without relying on hotel front desk staff. This way, the hotel also gives your guests the additional option of checking in or checking out at any time without the need for assistance with hotel staff, and it gives your staff more time to deal with other hotel operation tasks.

Self-service kiosks are widely used in fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and international airports. In this era of convenience, self-service kiosks are increasingly used in hotels. The industry is highly competitive, and hoteliers are striving to improve the guest experience in new and innovative ways, which will lead to greater guest satisfaction and higher occupancy rates. From the click-and-click process required to book to expedited checkouts, guests are increasingly tech-savvy and demanding instant gratification. When implementing self-service kiosks in hotels, there are 4 benefits from Hongjiali self checkout machine manufacturer:

1. Self-service all-in-one kiosk - less waiting time

One of the benefits of self-service kiosks is that they can speed up daily processes, reducing delays and queues. Usually in the hotel, when there are many people in the season, many guests will wait in a long queue to check in. The process becomes cumbersome when they need to fill in the information manually. Some of them are tired after a long journey and they just want a smooth procedure during the check-in process.

There is a hotel self service kiosk in the lobby, and guests will no longer have to go through the long queuing process. They simply scan their ID or passport, confirm their booking details, and check in.

In addition to this, some service systems allow guests to choose their room and create their own room key after check-in. It's not just about helping the front desk to check in quickly, it's about simplifying and personalizing the entire check-in process.

2. Self-service all-in-one machine - to promote additional services and increase hotel revenue

Self-service kiosk systems also allow hotels to up-sell hotel amenities, travel packages, F&B hotels, spa services, and other add-ons. It allows your guests to browse more services at their leisure, easily upgrade rooms, redeem special offers or purchase additional accessories.

An easy process that enables guests to find out more about hotel amenities and services will give them more opportunities to make a purchase. Therefore, by promoting additional services through the service kiosk, the hotel can save advertising costs and increase hotel revenue.

3. Self-service kiosk - to avoid and reduce unnecessary mistakes

Misspelling guest names is a common mistake that happens quite often at check-in. This happens when the front desk enters incorrect names or typos into the system. These issues can lead to unpleasant moments during the check-in process, such as not being able to find a guest's reservation, leading to longer wait times and queues.

Hotels can prevent this, as well as duplicate profiles, with automated check-in systems at kiosks. As part of the check-in, having guests enter their personal information and interests minimizes human error. Data entered is sent directly to your Property Management System (PMS), where individual information can be easily retrieved.

4. Improve guest experience and build long-term relationship

Through the hotel service all-in-one system connected with the hotel PMS, customer data can be quickly stored and accessed, enabling the hotel to understand its customer base and provide customers with a customized experience to improve customer satisfaction.

This will allow you to better serve your guests the next time they book a stay with you again. Based on the guest profile data already stored in the system, they can use the easy check-in option. Knowing who is a repeat customer and responding accordingly creates an opportunity to convert them into loyal customers. With a service kiosk system, hotels can analyze how each guest enjoys their stay and use data analysis to develop their marketing strategies.