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Intelligent Self-service Terminal To Create Government Service

1. Wide range of use scenarios for self-service terminal

In our daily life, convenience stores may be the places we come into contact with most frequently. The introduction of self service payment terminal and fresh food self-order machines in 24-hour convenience stores not only improves the efficiency of cash registers, shortens the checkout time, but also helps reduce human contact and labor costs. In addition to providing supplies for nearby residents, what other means smart payment terminal and self checkout machines for sale can be used to improve the service level of smart communities? Refer to Japan, which has the largest number of convenience stores per capita.

 In addition to selling goods, its convenience stores can also handle some banking services, such as applying for bank accounts, cash deposits and withdrawals, paying utility bills, and ticketing services. Although these can also be handled on mobile phones, as the most convenient place for citizens to reach daily, it also has reference significance in extending functional scenarios.

2. Adding terminal self-service points in some regions of China

Some regions in China have piloted the establishment of government service areas for branches in banks. Residents can conduct more than 10 businesses such as medical insurance enrollment, provident fund inquiry, and extraction, food business license information inquiry, and automobile violation fines through the self-service machine for government affairs in the branch. Mr. Wu, a citizen, said: In the past, there was a long queue in the government affairs hall to apply for a business license. 

Now, as long as you bring your ID card and mobile phone, you can apply for a business license near your home, which is much more convenient! The outlets combined with the self-service machine for government affairs, so that the small store at the door of the house can also be transformed into a "convenience store" and "government service supermarket" for government affairs, and can also support 24-hour service.

Through functions such as face recognition, the self-service machine for government affairs can realize functions such as identity verification and intelligent approval, reducing the processing time from the original one-day processing time to 1 minute. It also allows the surrounding residents to handle business without going to the government affairs hall. This method of "moving the heald window forward" is also convenient for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The self-service kiosk is a full-process self-service intelligent terminal device used in smart halls in government affairs. It can be equipped with corresponding modules according to different government affairs requirements or can be equipped with system software to set corresponding business functions. It can provide Verification of various government affairs, certificate handling, registration search, material collection, recharge payment, printing, and other functional services.