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Features and Advantages of Self-service Terminal System

Ⅰ. What is a self-service terminal system?

A Self-Service Terminal System (SSTS) is a universal payment gateway that allows customers to perform payments for various services in an interactive mode.

As a whole, self service terminals kiosks integrate most modern technologies to provide customers with the function of seamlessly integrating dedicated hardware and software components. It is developed for building a distributed self-service payment network with integrated powerful solutions to support across different High availability and integrity between services across multiple organizational boundaries.

SSTS software is designed to be flexible and extensible, potentially capable of integrating any type of service, such as utility or banking services, as well as specialized government services, with minimal effort.

Ⅱ. Features of the self-service terminal system

1. A dedicated integration layer supported by various hardware components, such as touch screens, coin and banknote acceptors, smart and contactless card readers, printing devices, PIN pads, etc.

2. Flexible and fully customizable user interface application, able to reflect any customer and market needs. Such as our self checkout machines for sale.

3. The scalable back-end system can handle hundreds of millions of requests per day, including payment transactions.

4. The multifunctional management control panel integrates all components of the self-service terminal system, which can flexibly monitor, manage and troubleshoot all aspects of the payment network. System management is significantly simplified thanks to its ability to aggregate all important usage and transaction statistics and integrated business-oriented reporting across the system.

Ⅲ. Advantages of self-service terminal system

1. Support new service configuration and deployment through sophisticated management tools used in the management control panel.

2. A specially designed and integrated flexible declarative programming language that can easily build and deploy any type of business scenario to the client user interface without additional programming and software modification work.

3. Automatically update software on any number of deployed endpoints without human intervention.

4. Ability to selectively enable/disable deployed services for a single or a group of endpoints.

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