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Self Service Kiosk Applications Introduction

1.Features of self-service kiosk

Self-service kiosk design is stylish, concise, and streamlined. In addition, according to the display needs, various sizes of display screens are provided, and different touch technologies are also provided. With various industry application software, multi-purpose functional applications can be realized with custom kiosk.

2. Functions of self-service kiosk

The self-service kiosk can realize advertisement playback function, printing function, video recording function, card reading function, and equipment servo function.

3. Advantages of self-service kiosk

In Hongjiali self service kiosk manufacturer, First of all, the self-service kiosk is basically designed with ''24-hour self-service'' as the standard. For example, the traffic in the business hall is very large, and the staff may not be able to complete all the procedures. The price of self-service all-in-one machines is reasonable. After getting off work, all-in-one machines are needed to make up for the lack of business hours, so as to avoid the troubles of customers doing business in the business hall, and customers can feel relaxed, convenient and considerate service.

4. Application of self-service kiosk

The self-service all-in-one machine has a wide range of business processing. For example, in the financial industry, users can conduct account inquiries, self-service transfers, statement printing, re-registration, and self-service loss reporting; in the communications industry, users can enter a phone number through the terminal to perform self-service processing. Mobile phone stop (reset), call bill inquiry and printing, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS, and other basic services to start and stop processing; you can also purchase mobile phone cards, and password recharge receipts.

5. Self-service kiosks have other value-added effects

The self-service kiosk can realize other value-added services such as commodity purchases through supporting equipment. Self-service terminal equipment has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs, 24-hour continuous work, and error-free operation.